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Go Green-Think Act Protect

Prompt and Reliable

RM DEMOLITION INC. provides residential demolition and clean up for the entire BAY AREA. We make the process as simple as possible.



Prompt and Reliable

Go Green-Think Act Protect

Prompt and Reliable

We enjoy working with our customers to provide the highest quality work within a timely, controlled, and safe manner. 

           We offer all the services you need, start to finish. From project planning, site preparation, demolition work, environmental safeguards and site restoration, Whether you need an interior, minor renovation work or a total structure demolition, we’ll work with the contractor or property owner to accomplish your needs. 



Go Green-Think Act Protect

Go Green-Think Act Protect

Go Green-Think Act Protect

As part of our commitment to responsible demolition, 65 percent of the materials generated on the job site are recycled, free of charge. Our aggressive recycling approach also yields cost benefits we pass on to our clients.

"Your old home could be someone's dream home"

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Deconstruction ususally costs more than outright demolition.

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